• frequently asked questions.


  • do you do postal try ons? - no, unfortunately at this stage rwsb is not looking at doing any postal try ons. but there are currently 2 IGTV online try on videos located on the Instagram page. this is where i have tried on over 15 of popular rentals in the videos to help explain the size and fit of each rental.


  • can i bring a friend with me to my try on? - yes, absolutely! there is plenty of room for friends and its always good to have a second opinion when trying on dresses for any event.


  • what does it mean when you say size M fits sizes 8-12 on your Instagram posts? - this means that the dress is either of a stretchy material or versatile with sizing. with a stretchy material dress this can usually fit around 3 sizes, with the smaller size the material is going to be a bit looser and the larger size the fit is going to be tighter. 


  • when i come to my try on, can i take the rental with me if im wanting to book it for that weekend after i finish my session? - yes and no. if your try on day is early in the week i ask that you come back and pick up your rental on my pick up day (Thursday) as this allows other girls who have booked in the chance to still try the rental on for a future date they may have. if your try on session is on Wednesday night or Thursday morning you can more than likely take the rental with you then as this is later in the week and my try ons are usually finishing for the week. 


  • when do rentals get posted? - rentals are posted for the weekend on either and Wednesday or Thursday with overnight courier. both days of posting ensure that your rental will arrive to you on time before the weekend. i will send you the tracking number once posted.