Terms and Conditions.

By using RENTING WITH SB'S services you agree to be bound by this agreement.

If you do not comply or agree to all of the agreement, you may not use RENTING WITH SB'S services. 


Your rental garment needs to be returned the next working day after the weekend - Monday. this either needs to be posted with OVERNIGHT COURIER (non - signature) by 3:30PM Monday or locally dropped off back into the drop window by EOD Monday. A $20 fee will be charged for any late returns, local or postal. This fee is taken very seriously and will be asked for and complied with as a part of agreeing to these terms and conditions. (If discussed prior to posting and/or pick up that the rental is to be extended because of the event - then fees do not apply. eg. returns can be done on Tuesdays if travelling for an event etc.)

Public holiday week/weekend fees for late returns are $25 per late day - as these weeks are a lot more pushed for time and stressful.

Your rental garment can be returned on Tuesday after a public holiday Monday. Same posting rules apply as above.



If you choose to pick up/have your rental posted prior to trying the rental on, a refund will not be provided if the rental does not 'suit you, look right on or fit.' Please check all size, fit and style of rentals before booking and confirming or be in touch if you are unsure to save this from happening. 


I will offer half store credits for packages that do not arrive in time for booked events. This is IF the parcel has been delayed and was not a attempted delivery, or awaiting collection item ONLY.

Given the circumstances, as you are aware it is out of my control whether the parcel reaches you on time in regards to delays in postal services, and is at fault of the nz post company, but this is the risk you take when booking a postal rental and is stated on the website when you book in a postal rental. I will always send my packages with enough time to reach you as they are sent with overnight courier on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, which allows plenty of time to reach your destination. Proof of said delay and no arrival of package before your event is to be provided via email or direct message. Any store credits that are provided are from the price of the booked rental - shipping costs are not refunded as these services were still used from both ends regardless of delays. — If you book a postal rental on Wednesday afternoon (4pm)/ evening or Thursday for a weekend rental, booking this comes at your own risk. Although your parcel still has a good chance of arriving the next day it doesn’t leave much room for any delays should they arise. leaving it that late to post for the your weekend will be at your own expense if it does not arrive, there is no negotiation around store credits. The risk is entirely up to you and you will not receive a store credit.


ALL rentals that qualify for a refund will be deducted a $5 admin fee due to our website platform Shopify's processing fees.

RWSB offers a 24 hour cancellation window, from the time stamp placed on the order. You must be in contact with us via email: info@rentingwithsb.com within this 24 hour time frame to qualify for a full refund (minus the $5 admin fee). This is subject to the order not already been packed/picked up by courier/ or picked up by the customer. NO refunds are issued in these circumstances OR if cancellation is within 5 days of your event.

Cancellations made outside of the 24 hour window will be either;

1. Be made available to other customers for the said date, if then another customer is to book in this rental for said date you will be issued a full refund of the price paid (minus the $5 admin fee).

2. If the rental is then not booked in by another customer for said date you will only be eligible for a store credit for the price of the booking paid.


You may swap your rental to another rental if you have changed your mind. This needs to be done before 14 days of your event to qualify in a change in price swap. Eg. The rental you swap to is cheaper than your original rental and you are refunded the left over price. If your rental is swapped within 14 days you will not qualify for a refund in change in price and only a straight swap is done, as this may have affected other customers from renting. If the rental you are swapping to is more expensive, you are required to pay the extra rental price needed regardless of the duration before swapping.


Refunds are provided if the rental arrives damaged or faulty (unlikely). Photo evidence of the damage needs to be provided the day of the rental arriving and finding the damage - if the rental is unable to be worn because of the damage the rental will then need to be returned that day or one working day after either via the prepaid courier bag or dropped back locally. Only once the rental has been returned then a refund will be issued to the bank account/card the rental was paid for on. If the rental is still able to be worn once said damage has been addressed you will no longer qualify for a refund as the rental is still being rented for said date and event. 


ALL rentals are washed by me once returned. If the delicate stain remover wash + commercial washing machine does not remove any marks/stains and further dry cleaning is required, you will be liable for this cost - around $29+. You will be contacted about the stain and advised about the next steps for resolving this issue.

If the stain damage to the rental requires dry cleaning, you are liable to pay this within 24 hours of your fee being invoiced to you. The rental will not be prepared and sent out to the next customer until this fee is paid. Should I have to cancel the next customers rental because of late paying or the duration of the cleaning interferes with the next customers booked in rental dates, you will also be liable to pay the cancellation fee. Dry cleaning fees are $29-$32 plus an extra $10 on each charge for the inconvenience and delay.


If permanent damage does occur to your rental while in your possession, you are liable to pay the full cost of either; the amount to repair the rental or the full retail price of the rental that it was purchased at if it is beyond repair. If this rental is booked in by other renters for future dates and it is to then be cancelled because of the damage you are liable to pay these future booking rental costs, as this is a loss to the business. If the rental can still be rented at a discounted price since the damage, you are liable to cover the discounted price of all future renters booked in for this item. 

Regardless of the condition you rented the rental in, you will be liable to cover the cost of the RRP for a NEW rental that is displayed on the brands website in current time. IF the rental is no longer for sale you are to pay the price the rental was brought for at said time, proof of said purchase by me will be presented to you.


If you are posting your rental back correctly with tracking and overnight this should not occur. But in some cases this may happen where the rental may get lost in transit. I will then lodge an investigation to the postal company regarding if the rental was sent correctly, to then if it was not if the outcome is that the rental cannot be traced or found you will be liable to pay the full retail cost of the rental for a new replacement. IF the rental is lost in transit and this is due to a fault of the postal company they will be liable to cover this.

ALL information cards, and RWSB packaging bags are to be returned with every rental (if your rental comes in a custom packaging bag). $15 fee is charged if you do not return your packaging bag with your rental, as RWSB is trying implement sustainable use of packaging and these are not cheap to make.


ALL fees that are accumulated towards a customer that are not paid within the time frame discussed, will be handed over and sent to the NZ Disputes Tribunal, as a result of this a court hearing will be organised and any further contact will be come from the NZ Disputes Tribunal. This claim is a $45 charge and you will also be charged this on top of the fees you are owing to RWSB. 


Any and all refunds for any reason that are processed from RWSB back to a customer will incur a $5 processing fee. This is due to website fees for reverting a transaction. The customer is liable to cover this.


Please check the instagram page @rentingwithsb for the new terms regarding postal and local pick up rentals over the Xmas and NY duration. These are posted on the 1st of December every year. ALL rentals are automatically extended over Xmas and New Years and have a set return date that all need to be back. $25 late fee during the busy summer season for all rentals posted later than stated.


Rentals being sent during the current covid period that do not arrive on time due to mass delays will not receive a half store credit for orders not arriving on time. Rentals are being sent with plenty of time to arrive but certain delays may pop up at certain depots that may cause your rental not to arrive. As you know this is out of my control, and comes at your own expense while renting during this heavy postal period time. Same thing applies when booking your rental past Wednesday at 3pm/Thursday morning. 

COVID - 19:

ALL rentals that are to be cancelled/postponed because of anything related to covid-19 will be issued a store credit as opposed to a refund. This store credit does not expire and can be used at anytime in the future on any rental (subject to availability). Thank you for understanding this tough time as a small business and how it will effect my immediate income source.


In the event of refused cooperation with RWSB, including the likes of ignoring communication, false statements, payments, names and addresses, RWSB reserves the right to refer the matter to Bay Corp Limited Debt Collection agency. As a result this will affect your credit rating score for the next 5 years. This limits your ability to be able to apply for any bank loans, credits cards, home loans, and other financial support methods.


RWSB has the right to alter/change/add to these terms and conditions as i see fit. The renter is responsible for ensuring they are aware with the current version prior to renting.

Any breach of the above stated terms and conditions will be addressed in a professional manner and is expected to be resolved within 24 hours of the breach.

Thank You. 

Storm Benson - Owner RENTING WITH SB.